• Value Engineering

    In the preliminary stage of the project, ” conceptual design” phase, or simultaneously in the “ Basic Engineering” phase of project, HEDCO reviews mutually all the basic engineering documents with owner, by holding “value engineering “meetings... Read More

  • Technology Division

    In order to expand its services and offer its technical capabilities to the esteemed clients, HEDCO has established a separate company division called “Technology Division”. The mission of “Technology Division” is to play the role of an interconnection stage... Read More

  • R&D (Research and Development) Department

    HEDCO as a capable knowledge based company in the field of design & engineering of process units, has established the “R&D (Research & Development) Department” in its organization structure. In this department, the expert specialists study in detail & profoundly... Read More

  • Organization Chart

    Click here to view the company's organization chart.

  • HEDCO at a glance

    Valuable resources of oil and gas have provided a unique ground for economical and social development of our country. In this direction, engineering companies play a major role. To cope with the increasing market demand, HAMPA Energy Engineering and Design Company, HEDCO, relying on vast experiences of its... Read More

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Iran is enjoying vast resources of oil and gas, providing an excellent ground for development of related technologies and skilled manpower. This will be driving force for economic and social development if utilized properly. Current counties economical stance has created special motivations for local engineering companies in line with national growth.

HAMPA Energy Engineering and Design Co., HEDCO, relying on its long experience in execution of large projects and with its new knowledge based attitude is prepared to undertake determinant role in industrial growth of the country. Possessing high skilled engineers and manpower in all engineering disciplines, and utilizing its home made Total Project Management Software, HEDCO is proud to meet  all clients’ needs from feasibility studies up to start up of large scale industrial projects especially in the field of oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

In addition to EPC projects, HEDCO is prepared to provide services as required by clients in any of the following fields:

- Feasibility study
- Basic Engineering
- Detailed Engineering
- Project Management
- Procurement Services
- Supervision Services