Quality Policy:
It is the policy of HEDCO to do everything possible to improve the quality and reliability of services to satisfy its customers by adhering to the followings:
- Providing services of the agreed quality in the specified time is the company’s goal.
- By Quality we mean complying with acceptable standards as well as satisfaction of the customers and appreciation of their needs and ideas
- Quality is the consequence of every ones achievement throughout the company, hence our colleagues irrespective of position, undertake to respect the quality aims and to do their works right at the first time.
- HEDCO shall only use products and services of the companies, which are of satisfactory and approved quality.
- Management of HEDCO and employees do their best to sustain an acceptable quality and improve productivity.
- HEDCO will try to fulfill its quality objectives by appropriately organizing, suitable training and other required means.
- To implement Quality Management System complying with ISO 9001-2008, HEDCO authorizes the Quality Director to monitor the company’s quality management system in order to assure its sufficiency and effectiveness.
HEDCO management, having the responsibility of the quality of the company services, expects adherence to the above principles by all the staff in order to assure continuous quality improvement in their work.