R&D (Research and Development) Department

HEDCO as a capable knowledge based company in the field of design & engineering of process units, has established the “R&D (Research & Development) Department” in its organization structure. In this department, the expert specialists study in detail & profoundly about the design , specifications and characteristics of complex Process-Mechanical equipment and packages These kinds of researches will cause identification and development of the local internal resources for procurement and fabrication of equipment that have been procured and supplied from abroad (Europe , Japan , Korea , …) previously. Fortunately, among such researches, and as result of continues efforts of the colleagues during few past years, design , fabrication and manufacturing of the following equipment have been localized and the relevant know-how and technologies have been reached by HEDCO: a) All kinds of cryogenic tanks (single containment, full containment, steel, concrete) up to the -50 deg. centigrade. b) Ammonia Reformer Package