R & D

HEDCO has established its Research and Development department in order to develop new ideas and technologies utilizing its vast experience in plant design.
Examples of Results of HEDCO's R & D Activities:

Cryogenic Tanks
HEDCO is the leading company in Iran that has accomplished the engineering and construction of cryogenic storage tanks.

The activities pertinent to this subject are as below:
• Preparing PID & PFD
• Preparing design software for cryogenic storage tank (Mechanical design & thermal design)
• Conducting safety reviews such as HAZOP, SIL and Fault tree analysis
• Preparing required specification ( material, insulation, …)
• Preparing construction, inspection and operating procedures
• Construction and commissioning
• Supervision of construction
• Mechanical and thermal design guarantee.


Critical Transfer Line
Engineering and design of high pressure and temperature of critical composite structure transfer lines has been accomplished in HEDCO.
The activities in this area include:
- Pipe material selection and thickness calculation based on internal temperature-pressure.
- Material selection and thickness calculation of each refractory layers.
- Piping stress calculation and flexibility analysis.
- Stress calculation of refractory lining.
- Support marking.
- Fabrication drawing preparation.
- Providing installation and maintenance procedures.


Application of Dual Cooling System

Iran, located geographically in a dry area faces serious obstacles in supplying water to industrial plants. New petrochemical plants established in different areas of Iran are expreincing shortage of water and disposition of waste water that are becoming more of a problem these days. For the first time , HEDCO has developed a dual cooling system integrating wet and dry cooling towers .The proposed system utilizes the cool ambient conditions in cold seasons and reduces the cooling water consumption drastically (about 1/5th) .The other advantage of this system is reduction of waste water .the total package may be designated as an environmentally friendly system .