v H-MDEA® for CO2 Removal (HEDCO amin)

In the year 2013, HEDCO succeeded to introduce its chemical admixture for CO2 Removal Process.


This Chemical can be used as an alternative for the available amines in the market but with improved properties.


The H-MDEA® has been successfully tested in the laboratories and pilot plant of Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) in November 2013 and the respective assessment results is officially issued.


 The consumers of H-MDEA® are the followings:


Ø  Ammonia Production Plants

Ø  Ethane Recovery Units

Ø  Refineries (Gas Sweetening Units)

Ø  Sulphur Recovery Units




CH3 N (C2H4OH)2




 CO2 + MDEA + H2O                    MDEAH+ + HCO3-


   CO2 + 2 PZ                         PZCOO- + P