Vapor Recovery Unit


  v Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU)





Due to recent market demand for the Vapor Recovery (VRU) Units , for the reasons of environmental protection and energy waste prevention, HEDCO has developed its own design for the VRU package.


The HEDCO design is on the basis of adsorption on activated carbon and regeneration of the carbon by means of vacuum.

HEDCO Design for VRU is safe, efficient and easy maintainable and through 3D design softwares, the skid arrangement will be adapted to the client’s requirement and area limitations.

 The major application for VRU could be the loading/unloading units of gasoline (for gasoline recovery from the air mixture in trucks, ships, rail cars, etc …) and aromatics, MTBE and other VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) as well.


A block Diagram for the VRU Package has been interpreted here below: